Black Ops Escape Room Review

Rating 5/5
Price $30 per person
Time 60 min
Difficulty 4/5
Success Rate 20%
Players 2-10
Company South Beach Room Escape

Black Ops Escape Game Theme

A deadly virus was released by your organization during the world war two just to defeat the enemy’s army. Recent CIA reports say that locals discovered an abandoned post-WWII research facility in the outskirts of their distant, war-torn city.

Your superiors suspect that the facility was run by communists in the 1940s with one goal: harnessing the compounds necessary to unleash biological warfare. You’ve just discovered that they succeeded.

Somewhere in the abandoned facility is a vial that contains the essential component of their formula. Your task is to safeguard the virus from getting into the wrong hands. Find it and save the human race or fail and say goodbye to freedom. The clock is ticking…


 235 Lincoln Rd #400 Miami Beach, FL 33139 (Show on map)

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