Panic Room Escape Room Review

Rating 4.9/5
Price $30 per person
Time 60 min
Difficulty 3/5
Success Rate 30%
Players 2-10
Company South Beach Room Escape

Panic Room Escape Game Theme

In this escape room challenge, a letter arrives and it’s got your name on it. Your aunt is requesting a visit. The only problem? She’s in a mental ward and the place gives you the creeps.

You arrive and have the feeling that aunty isn’t the only thing a little whacky about this place. Suddenly, you find yourself trapped in an operating room and the only one who knows the way out is a crazy scientist who thinks you’re his next patient. Your procedure begins in sixty minutes.

Can you outsmart the mad doctor? Will you be able to escape before its too late?


235 Lincoln Rd #400 Miami Beach, FL 33139 (Show on map)

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