The Western Saloon Robbery Escape Room Review

Rating 4.8/5
Price $35 per person / $20 per person with discount
Time 60 min
Difficulty 2/5
Success Rate 24%
Players 2-10
Company Crazy Cat Escape Room

The Western Saloon Robbery Escape Game Theme

It’s the Wild, Wild West, and you and your gang of outlaws have stopped in for a drink at the old “Spittin’ Horse” Saloon.

As you are enjoying your first refreshing beverage, you notice an enticing, but locked, safe behind the bar. Being outlaws, you decide that you need a little more than just a few drinks – you want that loot!

You better hurry, though! The sheriff will be stopping by in 60 minutes for a drink, and you had better be gone before then!


3231 Houston Ave Houston, TX 77009 (Show on map)

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