The Deadly Dining Room Escape Room Review

Rating 4.6/5
Price $35 per person / $20 per person with discount
Time 60 min
Difficulty 2/5
Success Rate NA
Players 2-12
Company Crazy Cat Escape Room

The Deadly Dining Room Escape Game Theme

Your long lost great uncle, eccentric millionaire Chad Chadley, has recently died. You’ve been invited to a very unusual party at his reclusive estate for the reading of his will…

You hope this means that YOU have inherited some of his great fortune. However, when you and the other potential heirs arrive at his opulent mansion, you get a nasty surprise!

The doors have locked you in! A note left from Chad Chadley tells you that you have one hour to escape the room – or face deadly consequences! He has left it up to YOU to unravel the mystery, solve the puzzles, and decipher the clues… Hurry!


3231 Houston Ave Houston, TX 77009 (Show on map)

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