Operation Rescue Escape Room Review

Rating 4.9/5
Price $35 per person
Time  45 min
Difficulty 1/5
Success Rate 30%
Players 1-8
Company Time Escape

Operation Rescue Escape Game Theme

You have successfully given the money required by the art thief who kidnapped your friend and escaped the Louvre Museum. The kidnapper has asked you to go to an abandoned warehouse to trade-off. Shortly after arriving, you realize he has tricked you! This warehouse is modified with hidden traps and provides no easy way out.

Your only option now is to overcome what the art thief has laid out for you. Time is running out. Move quickly, or you and your friend will be trapped in this warehouse forever.
Do you have what it takes to solve this real-life maze game!


2702 3rd Ave, Seattle, WA 98121 (Show on map)

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