Castle Secrets Escape Room Review

Rating 5/5
Price $35 per person
Time  45 min
Difficulty 4/5
Success Rate 30%
Players 1-6
Company Time Escape

Castle Secrets Escape Game Theme

Tales speak of a castle filled with countless treasures that had been lost for centuries. You and your team of archaeologists manage to track it down through a crack in time. While trekking through the woods, the ground caves in and you find yourself in one of the corridors of the legendary building.

This secret castle is unlike any escape room that you’ve ever seen before, containing hidden arts and craftsmanship; however, legend has it that those who have entered have lost themselves in their greed and searched tremendously until they eventually disappeared.

Find your way out before you are overcome by your inner greed!


2702 3rd Ave, Seattle, WA 98121 (Show on map)

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