The Legend of the 7th Stone Escape Room Review

Rating 5/5
Price $25 per person
Time 60 minutes
Difficulty 3/5
Success Rate 27%
Players 2-8
Company North Valley Escape Room

The Legend of the 7th Stone Escape Game Theme

In ancient Egypt, there is a tale of a powerful pharaoh by the name of Karbaza. During Karbazas life he was said to have been searching for 7 mysterious stones in his quest to construct a device that had the power to change the world. He never completed this device and over time the legend of the pharaoh Karbaza and his 7 stones was forgotten.

However, there is one man by the name of Dr. Cornelius Carter that believes he has uncovered new findings about Karbaza and his stones. What did he uncover? No one may ever know. Dr. Carter has recently gone missing inside of a pyramid in Abydos, Egypt where he believed he would find the answers that he was looking for.

The pyramid is dangerous, with low oxygen and an array of traps, there is no guarantee that Dr. Carter is still alive. Luckily a brave team of researchers is up to the task and won’t let this mystery go unsolved any longer. Equipped with 60 minutes of oxygen you must enter the pyramid, find Dr. Carter and complete his mission.

Can you uncover the secrets of Abydos?

42302 N Vision Way, Suite 104, Anthem, AZ 85086 (Show on Map)

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