Contagion Escape Room Review

Rating 4.5/5
Price $28 per person
Time 60 min
Difficulty 2/5
Success Rate 10%
Players 2-6
Company MindQuest Escape Games

Contagion Escape Game Theme

Fritz Nano Labs, one of the most advanced neuroscience laboratories in the world, has unexpectedly shut down after news broke that they were the source of the deadly XTO virus that’s been spreading across North America. Once infected, the victim dies within only an hour’s time.

Doctors have been running experiments for weeks trying to find an antidote, with no success and many victims dying. But you discovered that a cure remains somewhere in the lab, previously hidden by Fritz before they were shut down. Are you society’s only hope against this deadly virus?

Though you brave the abandoned lab, you quickly come across more bad news – your team has become infected while in the lab tests and you all have managed to contract the XTO virus for yourselves.

Racing against the imminent threat of succumbing to the disease and depriving the world of the only known cure, time is running out! You only have 60 minutes to find the cure to the XTO virus to save your team and the rest of the world!

9938 Universal Blvd #112, Orlando, FL 32819

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