TH3 C0D3 Escape Room Review

Rating 4.3/5
Price $30 per person
Time 60 min
Difficulty 3/5
Success Rate 21%
Players 2-6
Company Escapology

TH3 C0D3 Escape Game Theme

The code like the title suggests is based on the hacking technology which is coming into the limelight these days. Nitr0 is a world-renowned hacker hacking all the security systems, but this time you are trapped in the web of this hacker. You need to decode the system in his apartment and become the nations hero or be suspected and get arrested as a traitor.

You’ve got 60 minutes to prove your innocence to the government and to the world and expose the nitr0. what will you do in such situations?

Ethical hacking as the theme this game has an amazing set of instructions and charisma to the play. With an innovation computer system in the picture and a limit of 60 minutes to the game, it forms one massive puzzle maker in the heist of finding the enemy.

Find the kill key code not to be called a traitor and be part of the biggest crime in America.

300 South Ave Garwood, NJ 07027

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