Bullets and Broken Hearts Escape Room Review

Rating 4.5/5
Price $30 per person
Time 60 min
Difficulty 3/5
Success Rate 50%
Players 4-10
Company Komnata Quest

Bullets and Broken Hearts Escape Game Theme

You can find everything you want from Sin City- cheap drinks, a girlfriend for the night, or a gun for hire. You can also find yourself in world of trouble. And if you do don’t expect the police to help. This is Senator Rourke’s turf and he decides who to execute and who to pardon. After curfew no one can leave the city, so you’ll have one hour to find the only thing in Sin City that can’t be found- The Senator’s dirty laundry.

An adultery escape room that focuses on the luxuries of life and ignores the crimes committed by the rich and powerful.

67 West St Brooklyn, NY 11222

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