Pirate’s Revenge Escape Room Review

Rating 4/5
Price $30 per person
Time 60 min
Difficulty 2/5
Success Rate N/A
Players 2-10
Company Escape Frenzy

Pirate’s Revenge Escape Game Theme

You are a rowdy gang of buccaneers looking to teach a lesson to some swashbucklers who had the nerve to plunder your gold and treasure. You’ve broken into the lair of Captain Hawkins while he and his band of scalawags are at the tavern having a few pints.

You’ve got 60 minutes to reclaim your goods before the thieving scoundrels return. Grab your cutlass and batten down the hatches and let’s see if you can find all the doubloons before the time runs out.


5585 West 78th St. Edina, MN 55439 (Show on the map)

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