Dr. K’s Lethal Injection Escape Room Review

Rating 4.4/5
Price $35 per person
Time 60 min
Difficulty 5/5
Success Rate N/A
Players 2-10
Company Escape

Dr. K’s Lethal Injection Escape Game Theme

The evil Dr. Kevorkianstein has plans to infect the world with a blood-borne pathogen virus he has synthetically created in his laboratory. His plan after he infects the world is to sell the only known antidote and make billions.

You and your team of CDC Agents must search his lab, find his notes, and make a version of the antidote to be analyzed back at headquarters. You must hurry as you have just 60 minutes before Dr. K returns!

Can you escape and save the world?


3333 N Mayfair Road Suite 314 Milwaukee, WI 53222 (Show on the map)

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