Maniac Basement Escape Room Review

Rating 4.3/5
Price €15 per person
Time 90 min
Difficulty 3/5
Success Rate 65%
Players 2-6
Company Enigma

Maniac Basement Escape Game Theme

They had disappeared, without fanfare, or sensational situations. Short news in the newspapers, barely a paragraph, unrelated to each other. If someone had taken the trouble to analyze the facts, perhaps he would have noticed a common thread. A van, a deserted area. But a case with no details makes no news, and an untried investigation goes off into nothing. The fact is that nobody was looking for them anymore.

The Maniac Basement room is available in 2 copies. Challenge mode: if both Maniac Basement rooms are booked at the same time, groups of more than 6 people can compete at the same time to determine the smarter team.


+39 346 509 7454
Via Montecuccoli 29, Milan (Show on the map)

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