Interrogation Escape Room Review

Rating 4.5/5
Price $32 per person
Time 60 min
Difficulty 3/5
Success Rate 25%
Players 2-8
Company One Way Out Jacksonville

Interrogation Escape Game Theme

Moving deeper into the basement, you rush into Viewing Room B and slam the door. Turning slowly, you find a large window that hides a secret behind its mirrored pane. Everything you know to be true about Liz is under assault, but you remind yourself that good friends are hard to come by.

As the lights come up on the other side of the glass, a new piece of the story is shared which may change your life forever. The truth is here, but which truth do you accept? The choices you make today will affect this story’s ending.

Simply put, Interrogation is a game-changing shift in escape room design. Using the highest quality set design and puzzle architecture, the seventh room in this epic tale includes DYNAMIC LIVE-ACTING found only at One Way Out Jacksonville.

This game allows for an infinite variety of gameplay and multiple endings according to the choices that you make. In this mind-blowing puzzle experience, how will your adventure end?


(904) 312-9984
8011 Philips Highway, Suite 3 Jacksonville, FL 32256 (Show on map)

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