Black Site Escape Room Review

Rating 4.6/5
Price $32 per person
Time 60 min
Difficulty 5/5
Success Rate 15%
Players 2-8
Company One Way Out Jacksonville

Black Site Escape Game Theme

Time seemed to lose all meaning, and hope drained quickly in this place. Handcuffed to your belt and chained to the ice-cold wall, the darkness of the black hood was overcome only by the darkness of the room itself. No one has come to speak to you, nor have you been offered any food or water. How long has it been? Does anyone know you are here?

You must have triggered an alert, because the facility loudspeakers signal a complete lockdown. You don’t know exactly what that means, but it cements the knowledge that it is unlikely you will be getting out of here any time soon. You cling to hope that help is out there. But, as time marches forward, you know that you have to help yourself first.

From the escape room masters that brought you Convicted, Black Site cranks up the challenge of being locked into a room with restraints. As one of the hardest adventures at One Way Out Jacksonville, this room intentionally limits your ability to see and move, retraining your brain to heighten your instincts in order to survive.

With a game overcome by darkness, this room tests even the strongest teams as they are completely immobilized and entirely dependent on their ability to work together. With intensity at its highest level, can you remain calm and find the One Way Out?


(904) 312-9984
8011 Philips Highway, Suite 3 Jacksonville, FL 32256 (Show on map)

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