The Ringmaster’s Den Escape Room Review

Rating 4.5/5
Price $25 per person
Time 60 min
Difficulty 3/5
Success Rate 33%
Players 4-12
Company Breakout Escape Rooms

The Ringmaster’s Den Escape Game Theme

You have spent a magical day at the Circus, but as you are leaving, you notice a circus tent that you have not yet explored. Underneath is a hidden trailer. Being the curious person that you are, you and your group of friends secretly step inside while no one is looking. The trailer door slams behind you.

You have just entered the Ringmaster’s Den. Can you escape before the Ringmaster catches you and transforms you into ‚Äčone of his circus freaks to be part of his show forever?


7300 Miller Dr B, Warren, MI 48092 (Show on the map)

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