Precinct Escape Room Review

Rating 4.6/5
Price $28 per person
Time 60 min
Difficulty 2/5
Success Rate 32%
Players 2-8
Company Timed Out

Precinct Escape Game Theme

Three police detectives have disappeared – literally without a trace. There has been no contact with families or friends, no ransom notes, and no evidence of resistance. The chief of police has requested federal help and your team of federal agents has been called in to take point on the investigation. Your only lead: a report of “unusual activity” at a former police station. Can your team unravel the mystery before time runs out for the missing officers?

Precinct is great for thinkers and perceptive observers seeking an engaging challenge that rewards collaboration and the ability to see unusual viewpoints.  It’s our most popular room and our most difficult – great for experienced players or those who want a serious first-time challenge.

12239 N Community House Rd Charlotte, NC 28277   (Show on map)

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