Amazon Survival Escape Room Review

Rating 4/5
Price $25 per person
Time 60 min
Difficulty 3/5
Success Rate 64%
Players 2-10
Company Escape Tactic

Amazon Survival Escape Game theme

You and your teammates have been captured by the Shuar, a tribe of headhunting natives living deep in the Amazon rain-forest. You’re trapped in a makeshift prison and you’ve all been infected by the Shuar with the poison from the poison dart frog. If you don’t find the antidote that comes from the Kapok tree within 60 minutes, you will die an agonizing death, and your head will become a trophy to the Shuar leader.

Getting out of your prison may be the easy part. Once out you must navigate the dangers of the jungle, avoid the Shuar hunters who have been sent to recapture you, and then you must find the elixir from the Kapok tree in time to reverse the deadly effects of the poison.

130 Southside Dr Charlotte, NC 28217 (Show on map)

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