Pottsfield Sanatorium Escape Room Review

Rating 4/5
Price €37.5 per person

(2 players – 75 €, 3 players – 95 €, each additional player + 10 €)

Time 90 min
Difficulty 3/5
Success Rate 45%
Players 2-10
Company Exit Games

Pottsfield Sanatorium Escape Game Theme

Disoriented and without memories you will find yourself in the Pottsfield sanatorium. But exactly this was closed years ago! Faster than you realize, you are not alone in this abandoned, obscure facility.

What brought you here? It’s up to you to find answers and escape this dark place as quickly as possible.

Do not go through, keep your nerves and escape! Or should Pottsfield be about your end?

Klosterstraße 62, 10179 Berlin, Germany (Show on the map)

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