Jackpot Escape Room Review

Rating 4.7/5
Price €34 per player
Time 60 min
Difficulty 4/5
Success Rate NA
Players 2-6
Company Illuminati Escape

Jackpot Escape Game Theme

You are in Macau / China. After the suicide of a NASA researcher, your team reveals his personal tragedy: he was addicted to gambling and was blackmailed by the sinister Illuminati. His only way out was to hand over the blueprints for the top-secret quantum computer. But even that did not help him. When he got to the bottom of it, he saw only one way out.

What is done, is done. All you can do is recover the plans before the Illuminati take them out of the casino in Macau! And they will do that as soon as they learn about the suicide. You have an hour before the news reports. An hour to get to the safe, crack it and get out of the casino…


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Abbestraße 17, 10587 Berlin, Germany (Show on the map)

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