Game of Crowns Escape Room Review

Rating 4.7/5
Price 2 players – 75 €
3 players – 95 €
each additional player + 10 €
Time 66 min
Difficulty 2/5
Success Rate NA
Players 2-5
Company Exit Games

Game of Crowns Escape Game Theme

The King is dead! The kingdom is in chaos as armies fight to take ownership of the Royal Crown. Two groups of heroes from opposing factions have been captured and taken to the Royal Castle Dungeon. They must escape and steal the Royal Crown to ensure safety and prosperity for their homelands.

IMPORTANT: In this mission is a 2.5 meter long tunnel (70 x 70 cm) that goes around the corner once. Through this, all players have to crawl. It takes you and your group round about 6 crawl movements to get through.


Klosterstraße 62, 10179 Berlin, Germany (Show on the map)

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