The Lost Recording Escape Room Review

Rating 4/5
Price $33 per person
Time 60 min
Difficulty 4/5
Success Rate 38%
Players 2-8
Company Escape Hour Austin

The Lost Recording Escape Room Theme

Long ago, your favorite band recorded a song that never ended up on any of their public albums. For years, the recording of this mysterious tune has been tucked securely away in an Austin studio, just waiting to be liberated by a worthy group of superfans.

Not long ago, someone claiming to have knowledge of the studio’s inner workings has finally passed along some intel on the song’s whereabouts to you and your friends. Are you rad enough rockstars to rescue this righteous refrain from remaining retired?

(512) 669-5370
2113 Wells Branch Pkwy Suite 4300 Austin, TX 78728 (Show on map)

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